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How do we book rentals and services?

We’d love to chat with you about your needs. Take a moment to peruse our collection and send us an email listing with the items you might be interested in. We’ll put together a quote of those items and answer any questions you have. You can also schedule an appointment to chat about the different options. Simply check out our calendar and schedule an available time. We can chat via phone, in-person meetings, or web video chat.

How are your items priced?

We do have pricing for individual items if you are interested in only a couple of items.  But we also offer a package price for an event.  For example, if you want chair covers, terrariums and charger plates for 30 tables, we would work with you to offer custom pricing. Another item to note is that if you book directly from Savvy Chair Covers, we only charge sales tax (6.5% nas required by SD State Law).

How do I reserve items and services?

After you receive a pricing quote and contract, we require a $100 payment to reserve your rentals.  Your items will not be held on your date until we receive a signed contract and the 50% deposit. The final count is required from you 2 weeks prior to your event and total payment is due 1 week prior to your event.

Do you offer delivery?

Yes!  We offer delivery in the Sioux Falls and surrounding areas at no charge. Outside of this area we do charge mileage of $0.85 per mile.

Can my order be picked up from Savvy Chair Covers?

We can arrange pick up before your event.  Items need to be returned 1-2 days after your event.  Please contact us to schedule pick up and drop off times.

Can I change my order after my initial request?

We allow adjustments to your order up to 2 weeks prior to your event. We do ask that event setup and tear down be booked upfront. With rare exception, we can be booked for an install after the initial booking is placed.

Do items need to be returned clean?

All items are rented to you cleaned and sanitized for use.  All dishes and rental items need to be returned free of food, liquid, or residue to prevent damage to the item. The only exception to this are the chair covers and sashes. The laundering fee is included in the rental cost for these items. If you would like for us to clean charger plates and candle holders, this will be an additional fee.

Can real candles be used in your terrariums or other vessels?

No, a real flame can not be used in the terrariums as the heat from the flame will break the glass. In our larger, open vessels, you may use a real flame with sand at the bottom of the vessel. You will be charged extra if we have to scrape out the wax. If you are using any of our taper candle holders, we do require battery operated taper candles be used to prevent dripping. We do offer Luminara brand flameless taper candles for rent as well.

Will you work with my wedding planner or venue? Or can I book with Savvy Chair Covers directly?

The answer is YES to all of these options!  We encourage you to look for value provided by utilizing your wedding planner and venue as well as booking directly with us.  At different times of the year, any/all options may offer different packages.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, there is a minimum order of $100. This coincides with the deposit requirement to book your items for your specific date as well. The deposit does go toward the total value of rentals and service.

How large of an event can you accommodate?

We have done weddings that are 500+ people.  It really depends on the items you are looking at.  This will all be discussed during our consultation with you.

What if an item is damaged or lost?

Returned items that need replacement will be charged the amount to fix or replace them.  Items that are not returned will be charged the amount to replace them also.  We do require a credit card number on file in the case that damage does occur. We will communicate the cost of any replacement items prior to charging your account.

Will you set up my rental and tear down items?

Absolutely! This is very popular for clients to hire us to do this

What if I want to rent and have friends/family set up the covers and tear them down?

This is an option.  If you and your family aren’t familiar with how to put covers on, it will take about 45 seconds to a minute each.  The average wedding in Sioux Falls is currently at 250 chairs. To give you a time table for this sized event, it normally takes two people at least three hours to set up and tear down covers alone.

I paid my $100 deposit but I need to cancel my order, do you offer a refund?

We do not offer refunds of the $100 deposit due to cancellation of orders.

Are the charger plates food safe?

No, they are only intended to be used under a food-safe dining dish.